Turkey of a Tax Bill, Just in in Time for Thanksgiving, Would Increase Hunger Nationwide;


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November 20, 2017                                        Mallen@hungerfreeamerica.org                                                                                                               

“Turkey of a Tax Bill, Just in in Time for Thanksgiving,

Would Increase Hunger Nationwide;

This Is One Turkey that Should Not Be Pardoned,”

Says Leading Advocate

An analysis of the Senate GOP tax bill by the bi-partisan Committee on Joint taxation found that all Americans earning less than $75,000 annually would eventually pay higher taxes, and that many of those earning under $30,000 per year would also lose health care, under the bill. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 60.1 percent of American households earned $75,000 or less in 2016. Which means that the majority of Americans would eventually pay higher taxes under the bill. In response to these findings, Joel Berg, CEO of the nonprofit group Hunger Free America  and author of the book America, We Need to Talk, issued the following statement:

“Just in time for Thanksgiving, the Senate G.O.P. is pushing a turkey of a tax bill that would – amazingly – not only raise taxes on the middle class and low-income people struggling to enter the middle class, but would also take away health care from millions of low-income families.  There is no question this bill would increase hunger and poverty. While this bill is being misleadingly sold as a middle class tax cut, in reality it would shaft the working class to pay for tax-breaks that aid the ultra-wealthy, including tax breaks for private jets.

Not only would low-income Americans pay more in taxes and lose health care, but, since the bill strips much-needed revenues from the federal coffers and adds up to $1.8 trillion to the national debt, if it passed, it would further increase pressure to again slash nutrition and other vital programs for the most-vulnerable Americans. This bill is a lose-lose-lose for the non-rich. It is one Thanksgiving turkey that should not be pardoned.”

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