Nevada and South Carolina Poverty, Hunger Widespread


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Nevada and South Carolina Poverty, Hunger Widespread


Middle Class Endangered in Both States

Ahead of the nominating contests in Nevada and South Carolina, the national nonprofit organization Hunger Free America is shedding light on a number of statistics showing that in both states, poverty and hunger are rampant and economic opportunity is declining.

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, said: “It is widely known that South Carolina has a higher poverty rate and a lower median income than the nation as a whole. But poverty is so endemic in America that, even in a state like Nevada – with relatively less impoverishment than many other states – the problem is still vast. In both states, median family income is low, and the middle class in endangered.”

To read the presidential candidates’ plans to address poverty, hunger, and economic opportunity, go to the Action for Opportunity website. Action for Opportunity — of which Hunger Free America and A Place at the Table are co-leaders and the Worcester County Food Bank is a major sponsor ­— is a coalition of more than 30 nonprofits, unions, and advocates calling on the presidential candidates to detail their policies for decreasing poverty and increasing economic opportunity. To interview Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg about these issues, contact Nicole Aber,, 646-627-7741.