Joel Berg Honors the Life of Gus Schumacher


At learning the sudden loss of renowned food policy advocate Gus Schumacher, CEO Joel Berg issued the following statement:

"I had the high honor of working with, and learning from, Gus Schumacher at USDA during the Clinton Administration. He was a giant who always pushed the envelope to get better programs and more social justice, across America and around the globe. He was a driving force in creating the first federal program to enable seniors to obtain extra produce at farmers’ markets. He was also the spark for the Dole-McGovern program, through which the U.S. enabled developing countries to start school meals program. When the stakes were high for people in need, Gus didn’t take “no” – even repeatedly – for a an answer. He kept pushing for new ways to get bureaucracies to aid people in need. Perhaps his most important legacy was pioneering ways to reduce hunger, and aid community food systems at the same time, transcending the stale debate over whether we should focus on just one of those goals. After leaving government service, he certainly could have taken a well-earned retirement, but he only upped his work to make fresh, healthy food affordable and available for everyone. As a person, he will be deeply missed; but his legacy has improved the world forever." -Joel Berg, CEO Hunger Free America