Hunger Advocates Strongly Support the “Heroes Act” Proposed by House Democrats


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Hunger Advocates Strongly Support the “Heroes Act” Proposed by House Democrats

Bill is “Giant Life Preserver to Nation Drowning in Hunger”

The newest COVID-19 relief bill proposed by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contains most of the key priorities requested by anti-hunger organizations nationwide that are dealing with the national hunger crisis. The bill would:

  • Boost SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits by 15 percent, which would boost the average SNAP benefit by only 20 cents per meal, from the current level of $1.34 per meal to $1.54 per meal. 
  • Increase the minimum monthly SNAP benefit from the current level of $16 to $30.
  • Put on hold Trump Administration rules to slash SNAP.
  • Extend the length of time that the Pandemic-EBT Program – which increases the food purchasing power of families with kids in closed schools – stays in effect.
  • Include in the Pandemic-EBT Program younger children who normally would be going to daycare programs.
  • Allow people to temporarily buy hot foods with SNAP at retail outlets that already accept SNAP.
  • Increase funding for WIC nutritional supplements for pregnant women and small children.
  • Increase funding for school meals departments within school districts.
  • Provide more food and funding to food distribution charities.

Said Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, a nationwide direct service and advocacy organization: “This bill is a giant life preserver for a nation drowning in hunger. The single best way – by far – to get the largest amount of food to the greatest number of low-income people in this crisis is to dramatically increase participation in pre-existing federal nutrition assistance programs such as SNAP and WIC, as well as new programs such as Pandemic-EBT. This bill would do precisely that. Hunger Free America has documented that more than one in three U.S. children are now having their food rationed by their parents. This bill includes much of what is needed to help stem our nation’s hunger crisis. We hope the House passes it rapidly, and then the Senate and President make it law. The tens of millions of Americans now going hungry shouldn’t need to wait for this life-saving help.”