G.O.P. Bill: “More Child Hunger and Obesity,” Say Advocates


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G.O.P. Bill: “More Child Hunger and Obesity,” Say Advocates;

Child Nutrition Reauthorization Bill Also Increases Bureaucracy

“It’s as though Dopey and the Grinch teamed up to create the dumbest, most  heartless policy imaginable.” - Hunger Free America CEO Joel Berg

Late last night House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education Chair Todd Rokita (R-IN), introduced the Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016 (H.R. 5003) (pdf). The Republican majority’s bill contains provisions that would decrease community eligibility for school meals, increase paperwork for school districts and families, dilute First Lady Michelle Obama’s improved school meal nutrition standards, and provide inadequate funding for summer meals and child care feeding programs.

Said, Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America,

“Doing the bidding of the big food industry, the House G.O.P. is proposing a child nutrition bill that would undermine the nutritional improvements in school meals achieved by First Lady Michelle Obama, while also making it harder for children from poor and working class families to get school meals. It would also — get this — increase the paperwork and bureaucracy for local school districts.

The improved nutrition standards that First Lady Obama and a coalition in Congress attained were historic achievements in the fight against hunger and obesity. They are working and America has been stemming the tide of growing childhood obesity. Now is the worst time to go backwards.

The bill would increase both child hunger and childhood obesity, while harming children’s health. I couldn’t think of a more counterproductive or callous bill if I tried. It’s as though Dopey and the Grinch teamed up to create the dumbest and most heartless policy imaginable.”

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