FACT SHEET: Poverty, Hunger Among New Hampshire Residents Widespread


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FACT SHEET: Poverty, Hunger Among New Hampshire Residents Widespread


1 in 3 NH Residents Live Below Federal Poverty Line 

Ahead of this evening’s Democratic presidential debate in Manchester, New Hampshire, national nonprofit organization Hunger Free America is shedding light on a number of statistics that show poverty and hunger are still rampant in the New England state.

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, said: “Poverty is so endemic in modern American that, even in a state like New Hampshire – with relatively less impoverishment than many other states – the problem is still vast. New Hampshire's poverty disproves the common perception that most U.S. poverty is non-white or in large ‘inner cities.’ There is no question that this poverty and lack of economic opportunity has fueled the New Hampshire opioid crisis.”

  • In the 2016 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, 14% of voters had household incomes below $30,000 per year, and 32% had incomes below $50,000 per year.  


  • New Hampshire is the only New England state that still has a minimum wage stuck at the federal rate of $7.25 per hour


  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in Manchester, NH, the poverty rate is a whopping 21%.


  • More than 7% of New Hampshire residents face food insecurity, according to Hunger Free America’s 2019 U.S. Hunger Atlas. More than 28,000 children — representing one in 10 (10.7%) New Hampshire children — live in food insecure homes. More than 38,000 working adults — representing 5.4% of working people in the state — are food insecure. More than 16,000 New Hampshire seniors — representing 5.1% of the state’s residents aged 60 years and up — live in food insecure homes. 


  • Fully 7.6% (one in 13) of New Hampshire residents live below the meager federal poverty line, and the state’s per capita income is only $38,548, according to the U.S. Census Bureau

To read the presidential candidates’ plans to address poverty, hunger, and economic opportunity, go to the Action for Opportunity website. Action for Opportunity, of which Hunger Free America is a co-founder, is a coalition of more than 30 nonprofits, unions, and advocates calling on the presidential candidates to detail their policies for decreasing poverty and increasing economic opportunity.