Comments Opposing USDA's New Categorical Eligibility SNAP Proposal


On June 23, 2019, the Trump administration announced they would seek to limit categorical eligibility for SNAP, which would result in more than 3 million people losing their nutrition benefits. Members of the Hunger Free America community have legally registered their opposition to the proposal by submitting their comments to the federal government. Below is a record of these comments that have been submitted as part of HFA's grassroots movement to fight this counter-productive and illegal proposal. To have your comment posted to this page, email Emilio Tavarez, HFA's Director of Advocacy, Research, and Policy, at Together, we can fight this nonsensical proposed regulation. 

Lori A., New York, NY:

"I'm completely opposed to this proposal, which takes away the state's flexibility to allow Americans who have fallen on hard times to save money, while working to pull themselves out of poverty and still receive SNAP.

First of all, it would make make it much more difficult for American families--who are working so hard--to leave poverty, as many members of my own family were able to do. Isn't that what everyone wants? To help working people get into the middle class? Why make millions of working Americans who don't earn enough to feed their families hungrier? It makes no sense.

Given that USDA seems to always find money for big farming businesses (as opposed to the smaller farms I grew up around and where I've had family), it seems especially cruel to hurt so many working American parents and their kids by passing this regulation. Maybe the administration could save much more money by changing President Trump's dumb trade policies. The money you supposedly save with these regulations won't come close to the long terms costs to our country and to its citizens. This is just cruel for cruelty's sake and I don't understand it.

Secondly, I've read the law that Congress passed and the President signed and this violates that law. No one is above the law, it is what makes our country work. We vote for Congress and the President and they pass laws and we all have to abide by them. By "all," I also mean the President and Congress and the people that work for them.

Third, this regulation would also affect hundreds of thousands of kids who would lose their eligibility for school meals. We used to be a country that cared about our children and their futures. If kids don't get enough nutrition, they do poorly in their studies and then have a harder time becoming productive, strong members of our society later in life. It seems to me that we are paying far more for increased health care costs, etc. if you cut this funding than the government will save.

Finally, I have read previous statements by the Agriculture Secretary where he claimed the Trump administration wanted to INCREASE flexibility to states. This is a Republican mantra, isn't it? Giving more power to states? This regulation completely contradicts the secretary's statements and he and his president's so-called belief that states know what is best for them. Isn't that hypocritical?

Please do not make these changes. I've volunteered in food pantries and soup kitchens. They don't have enough food or staff or resources to take on the burden of feeding everyone the government throws to the curb. Many working SNAP recipients pay taxes and so do I and they are entitled to help when they need it. What if I have a major health problem and need the help? Won't my government have my back?"