Aftershocks of Hurricane Matthew: Hunger Still Rampant in Nation’s South


For Immediate Release: October 20, 2016           

Aftershocks of Hurricane Matthew:

Hunger Still Rampant in Nation’s South

Though the storm has passed, the after effects of Hurricane Matthew’s wake are still affecting our nation’s most vulnerable populations. 

The southern states of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina have all been affected by Hurricane Matthew.  Each state has been working to decrease hunger for storm victims by utilizing emergency SNAP (the program formerly known as food stamps) measures provided by the USDA. 

The state of Florida released the October SNAP benefits early to all current recipients.  The state of Georgia released a waiver for all recipients in 12 counties to automatically receive an extra 30% of their benefits added to their EBT cards for October.  The state of South Carolina executed the same measure but in 23 counties and gave recipients an extra 25-50% on their cards, depending on when they received their regular benefits.  North Carolina recipients were given a deadline extension to manually request replacements for any food they lost.

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, says “Living in hunger is a difficult place for anyone to be in, but when living situations are exasperated by the massive storms and natural disasters that are happening today, then these conditions can become unbearable.  It is only right that these states continue to utilize the emergency SNAP measures available to them so that everyone, both rich and poor, can get back on their feet and to their regular lives as soon as possible.”

To find more information about emergency food, and emergency SNAP assistance, anyone can call the USDA National Hunger Hotline at: 1-866-3-HUNGRY or 1-877-8-HAMBRE para español.

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