Advocates React to Defeat of G.O.P. House Farm Bill


For Immediate Release: May 18, 2018

Contact: Magen Allen,, (212) 825-0028, ext. 212

Advocates React to Defeat of G.O.P. House Farm Bill:
 “Good Riddance to Cruel and Counter-Productive Bill”

In reaction to the U.S. House of Representatives just defeating the G.O.P. Farm Bill by a vote of 213 to 198, Joel berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, a nationwide advocacy and direct service organization, issued the following statement:

“Good riddance to the House G.O.P. Farm Bill, which was both cruel and counter-productive. The bill, if passed, would have somehow managed to take food away from millions of struggling Americans while increasing government bureaucracy and intrusion into people’s private lives.

Barring any procedural chicanery in the House, the bill should be dead for this session, and both Houses of Congress will be forced to re-authorize the existing law for the year.

We hope the new Congress, next January, starts from scratch and passes a progressive bill that slashes hunger, aids small farmers, creates jobs, protects the environment, boosts nutrition, improves food safety, and benefits consumers.”