Advocates Decry Ryan’s “Policy Bait and Switch” On Poverty


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June 7, 2016                                                                

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Advocates Decry Ryan’s “Policy Bait and Switch”

On Poverty

Statement of Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s announced policy proposal today on poverty.

“Paul Ryan's supposed anti-poverty proposals are great rhetoric, but, substantively, they're fundamentally fraudulent covers of polices that will actually increase poverty. This is a policy bait and switch of the first order. For starters, Ryan is still pushing draconian budget cuts of billions of dollars from effective anti-poverty programs. Claiming you can reduce poverty by taking away anti-poverty funding is like claiming you can reduce drought by taking away water. Secondly, Ryan opposes minimum wage hikes and stronger overtime rules, both of which would slash poverty without costing taxpayers a penny. Ryan’s proposals for supposedly reducing poverty should be taken as seriously as Colonel Sanders’ retirement plans for chickens.”