Action Alert: Stop Mayor de Blasio from cutting $24M from school breakfasts


Mayor de Blasio’s Fiscal Year 2020 Executive Budget proposes $24 million in City funding cuts for school breakfasts. (See page 30 of Specifically, the budget proposes $6 million in cuts per year over each of the next four years in “savings from the BIC (Breakfast in the Classroom) budget by allowing flexibility in implementation.” What that bureaucratic language really means is that some schools will be allowed to cut breakfasts for hungry students.

These proposed cuts come on the heels of recent reports that found that New York City has one of the lowest big city school breakfast participation rates in the nation. A recent report by Hunger Solutions New York found that, in the 2017-2018 school year, only 25 percent of eligible kids in New York City public schools were getting schools breakfasts, which is a reduction in the 28 percent rate from the 2016-2017 school year. This breakfast under-participation costs New York City schools at least $44.6 million in federal reimbursements. Meanwhile, according to federal data analyzed by Hunger Free America, one in six of the city’s children struggle against hunger.

Contact the Mayor’s Office now to prevent these cuts from going into effect. Serving breakfast in the classroom is the best proven way to ensure hungry kids eat this essential meal. De Blasio’s proposed cut in breakfast is simply not acceptable. Call 212-NEW-YORK to contact Mayor de Blasio now.

Next, contact NYC Council Speaker Corey Johnson to voice your concerns about Mayor de Blasio’s proposed school breakfast cuts. It is crucial that we speak up now, while the City Council is analyzing and holding hearings on the Mayor’s Executive Budget. Contact Speaker Johnson by phone at 212-788-7210 or by email at

Make your voice heard to prevent cuts to the Breakfast in the Classroom program in NYC to ensure hungry children have the nutrition they need to succeed in school.