36 Million SNAP (Food Aid) Recipients Left Out of Senate Relief Bill


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36 Million SNAP (Food Aid) Recipients Left Out of Senate Relief Bill


Livid Hunger Advocates Say “This Must Be Fixed Immediately”

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, a nationwide anti-hunger advocacy and direct service nonprofit organization, released the following statement:

“As it stands now, for reasons not yet explained to us, the SNAP (nutrition aid) boost proposed by Congressional Democratic leaders was not included in the $2 trillion dollar relief package. The bill will help the newly-unemployed, so that’s good, but it’s pretty appalling that it includes hundreds of billions for many big corporations – run by people who make millions of dollars per year, but not a penny more to increase the food allotment for 36 million SNAP recipients, which now equals a paltry $1.34 per meal. I’m livid about this. This omission will both increase hunger and harm grocery stores, farmers markets, and corner stores. This must be fixed immediately, either by amending the Senate deal to increase SNAP and/or immediately passing a stand-alone bill that does so.”